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Serving Vance County, North Carolina

Food Distribution:
Food Pantry services is held 3rd and 4th Thursdays of each month
Time:  10:30 am to Noon
Please make an appointment, prior to coming.  Should these times do not work for you, please call us at 301.751.4870 so that we can find a mutually convenient time to meet you.

Families will receive dry and frozen goods, toiletries, etc., granted supplies are available.  Families may be served once per month

Requirements to receive food:
All individuals are required to submit their name, address and the number of persons in their household, each time they are served.
We do not collect financial information, nor social security numbers. 

Administrative Staff and Contact Info:
Tracey Alston at 301.1751.4870 and [email protected]


Here's some of what we did in the past years and this is due in part to all of those who donate and help us to help others. We say THANK YOU!!!!

From 2019 to present: (Serving North Carolina)
We continue to strive to meet the needs of lower income families, distributing hams and turkeys for the holidays, as well as providing wholesome foods that help meet FDA daily nutritional requirements.  We have re

From 2010 to 2017:  (Serving southern Maryland, DC and VA)
Our food pantry served over 14,750 pounds of groceries to individuals and families. 
​Distributed weekly home cooked meals to those living in tent cities
Distributed book bags, school supplies, clothing, shoes to the many facing hardship in poverty stricken communities.  

Our goal is to reach areas where there is the most neglect so that we are reaching many of the neediest cases.  Continued to serve those living in the tent cities and provided temporary hotel lodging for those displaced and enduring cold weather temperatures.

​As we continue to help families in need, we look for ways to help them develop healthier eating habits.  When you're on a tight budget, or no budget, processed foods have a way of reaching the dinner table first as healthier foods are more costly.  In the long run, eating healthier cuts down on medical expenses, prescription bills, etc.  

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Food Distribution and Outreach