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Vance County, NC

Effective January 2020,  if you are in need of emergency food assistance, please call us at 919.690.7366.  Individuals and families may obtain groceries, at 1-2 times per month, and there is no cost.  There is a registration form to fill out prior to receiving groceries.  

Here's some of what we did in 2016 and this is due in part to all of those who donate and help us to help others.  We say THANK YOU!!!!

Our food pantry served over 14,750 pounds of groceries to families in the DC, MD and VA. 

Distributed over 70 Turkey baskets to families during Thanksgiving Holiday Season.

Distributed book bags,school supplies, clothing, shoes to the many facing hardship in poverty stricken communities.  Our goal is to reach areas where there is the most neglect so that we are reaching many of the neediest cases.

Continued to meet the needs of those living in the tent cities and provide temporary hotel lodging for those displaced and enduring cold weather temperatures.

Our food pantry also serves to help meet the needs of families who have housing, yet still struggle to make ends meet.  ​In 2012, The Goshen Project was established.  Here, we partner with the Charles County School Board, churches and other local agencies to identify families who need assistance.  Persons interested in this program must first fill out our Emergency Food Service Application.  Those who qualify may then receive up to a 3-5 day supply of groceries.  We have been able to reach the needs of many in crisis, distributing over 23,000 pounds of groceries, in 2014 alone.   

​As we continue to help families in need, we look for ways to help them develop healthier eating habits.  When you're on a tight budget, or no budget, processed foods have a way of reaching the dinner table first as healthier foods are more costly.  In the long run, eating healthier cuts down on medical expenses, prescription bills, etc.  

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Food Distribution and Outreach
Grocery Distribution

Effective January 2020, we will distribute on the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 12- 3 pm.  Please call us prior to coming as we schedule by appointment. If you are unable to come on this day, please call us at 919.690.7366 so that we can schedule a mutually convenient time for you to pick up groceries.